Project members

  • Hiroyuki OgawaProject ManagerResponsible for total management of MIO
  • Go MurakamiProject ScientistLead for total science observation and strategy
  • Taeko SekiAIV ManagerAssembly, integration, and verification of spacecraft
  • Satoru NakazawaProject management and EMC design/testing
  • Miwako YamashitaGround system for operations
  • Mina OgawaGround system for operations
  • Shoya MatsudaData handling and archiving of MIO
  • Ayako MatsuokaDevelopment/operation of magnetometer and extension system
  • Kenji MinesugiMechanical design/development of spacecraft
  • Masanobu OzakiAdvisor for design/development of electronics
  • Tomoaki TodaDesign/development of antenna and telemetry communication
  • Masaki FujimotoPrevious Project Scientist (ISAS deputy Derector General)全体の科学戦略および国際協力を推進
  • Yuri MoritakaSecretaryプロジェクトの総務を担当
  • Hajime HayakawaFormer Project Manager
  • And many supports/efforts from other members

PI members

  • Yoshifumi SaitoJAXAMPPE(Mercury Plasma Particle Experiment)
  • Wolfgang BaumjohannSpace Research Institute, Austrian Academy of SciencesMGF(Magnetic Field Investigation)
  • Yasumasa KasabaTohoku UniversityPWI(Plasma Wave Investigation)
  • Masanori KobayashiChiba Institute of TechnologyMDM(Mercury Dust Monitor)
  • Ichiro YoshikawaThe University of TokyoMSASI(Mercury Sodium Atmosphere Spectral Imager)

International collaboration

BepiColombo is the international Mercury exploration project led by partnership between JAXA and ESA. JAXA develops Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter MIO and ESA develops Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO), Mercury Transfer Module (MTM), and MMO Sunshield and Interface structure (MOSIF). In addition, scientific instrument teams for MIO and MPO are consist of international members.

History of international collaboration
June 1997:Organization of the Mercury Exploration WG in Japan
November 1999:ESA proposed the "Joint Mercury mission" with ISAS
September 2000:ISAS announced to proceed the "BepiColombo" project in collaboration with ESA
October 2000:Selection of "BepiColombo" as the 5th Cornerstone mission
July 2003:Approval of the "BepiColombo" project in Space Activities Commission (SAC)
October 2003:ISAS, NAL and NASDA were merged into one independent administrative institution: the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Since then, BepiColombo has been led as an international Mercury exploration project between JAXA and ESA